Take the Pledge this Spring Break to Drive Safe


Take the Pledge this Spring Break to Drive Safe
March 6, 2017

Keyanna James

It is time for Spring Break, and everybody is heading out of town for fun. As we pack up a week’s worth of clothes and load our vehicles, let us take time to reflect on this:

Distracted driving is an epidemic that takes so many lives

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After Successful Year, Mentoring Group Holds Inaugura Heritage Ball


By Keyanna James For The Birmingham Times

Cultivate 4 Mentoring marked its one-year anniversary with its inaugural Heritage Ball on Feb. 4 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens auditorium. Founder Leavil Binion established Cultivate 4 Mentoring, otherwise known as C4 Mentoring – in 2016 to inspire and encourage young men to discover their purpose through heritage, education, leadership and manhood.

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YPBC Press Release


Contact: Joshua J. Raby, Chairman
Young Progressive Black Caucus of Alabama
(205) 240-5138

Young Progressive Black Caucus Salutes Outstanding Women of Color in Leadership

The Young Progressive Black Caucus of Alabama will hold its Second Annual “Outstanding Women of Color in Leadership Awards,” February 11, 2017 at 11a.m.. The brunch will be held at Michael’s Restaurant Soho located at 1903 29th Avenue South, Homewood, Alabama 35209.

Come experience an inspiring celebration in honor of the black women who have made a mark on leadership in Alabama. Coming from all walks of life, these outstanding women were nominated by their community and have been chosen to receive this prestigious award.

The 2017 Outstanding Woman of Color in Leadership Honorees are Kim Meadows Clark; Catrena Norris Carter; J’Que Ellis; Tamika Harris; Errin Jackson; Niya Jackson; Lieutenant Donna Jelks; Counsel Woman Velma Johnson; T Marie King; JP Laffsum; Victoria Long; Stephonia Taylor McLinn; Tye Miles; Keara Noy; Judge Shanta Owens; Shaquita Pope – Maxwell; Latanya Millhouse; Mara Jenell Ruffin-Allen.

The 2017 Shirley Chisholm Award will be presented to Myrna Carter Jackson. Jackson has been a civil rights activist since she was a teenager. Jackson is a retired social worker and currently is active with several nonprofit organizations, i.e. NAACP and SCLC.

Come meet, dine and celebrate with these women on Saturday, February 11, 2017, from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. The Young Progressive Black Caucus of Alabama will honor the 2017 honorees at Michael’s Restaurant Soho. This is a public event, donations are welcome.

For Information on Sponsorship Contact Joshua J. Raby, Chairman @ 205-240-5138


Warframe: Farming for Resources

How to Successfully Farm for Resources on Warframe.
Tenno Do You Have Weapons and Gear in Your Foundry but You’re Missing Resources?

Yes? You must farm for those things…

Farming for resources is something you need to do when playing Warframe.
Resources are needed to build EVERYTHING in the Foundry.

In your foundry, you will see some items listed as “Not Enough Components” the resources unchecked resources are the ones you are missing.

To farm for the missing resource:
• Return to your navigation.
Each planet in your navigation offers four different resources.
• Locate the planet with the resource you need.
Survival or Defense missions are best for farming
• Select the mission node.
Stay as long as you can or until you pick up the needed amount of resources.

Repeat the process for each need resource.

Once you have the all the resources return to your foundry and the item will be listed as “Build.”

A Resource Booster will double the number of resources you pick up in a game.

Resource Boosters can be purchased from the Market, in your ship, and from the Trader.

Earn Money with Stylinity

Earn Money to Look Fabulous.

Do your friends ask where your outfit came from?
Are you usually complimented on your look?

Download Stylinity.

Stylinity is a free app that allows you to earn money by sharing your fashion and style on Facebook and Twitter.

How it works.

  • Take pics of you in the item

  • Scan the barcode or link the site you bought it from

  • Share it to social media

That simple.

When your friends and family select your post they will see your pics and where to buy. When they purchase from your post, you get a commission.

Now you can make money back on the clothes you buy.

P.S. I do not see why you can’t just spend a day at the mall trying on things, taking pics and scan barcodes, making a fun day of shopping, profitable!

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Save with CVS

Would you like to save money on your toiletries?

Yes? Have you tried CVS?

Each Sunday CVS has a new ad that lists items on sale and some offering Extra Bucks.

How can you maximize on these sales and extra bucks?

Do the following…
First, sign up for a CVS Card, it’s free.
Sign up online or in store.
Each Sunday check the CVS ad for what is on sale. Find the ad on the website or in your local paper.
Make a list of the items that you need or want that are in the sales ad.
Note any items that give Extra Bucks.
Search the web or newspaper for coupons on the items. Krazy Coupon Lady is a great online resource for finding coupons.
Once you have your shopping list and coupons together, go to the store and select your items.

At checkout provide your CVS card or phone number.

Make at least two transactions.
The first transaction should include items that pay out Extra Bucks.
The following transaction you will use the Extra Bucks as payment.

Transactions may be more complex, example:
The first transaction you are receiving $5 Extra Bucks
Second transaction cost $6 you pay $1 and receive $3 Extra Bucks
The third transaction could be the last one, use the $3 Extra Bucks pay the difference.



Currently, a lot of traction is being given to the fact that minorities were not nominated for any of the Oscar categories. Some celebrities are calling for a boycott on the Oscars and have declared that they will not be in attendance.

Let me first say this is a lie.

The Weekend and Duke Johnson are nominated. Calling for a boycott because no screen actors or actresses were nominated does not mean not black people were, there are so many other categories.

I think the complaining celebrities are robbing The Weekend and Duke Johnson of their victory.

Stacy Dash took to the media and stated that we, as minorities, are segregating ourselves by acknowledging and supporting the BET Awards, even Black History Month.


When do we decide that an invention made by a black man is no more or lack thereof than that of a white man?

Black History Month is celebrated in February which also happens to be the shortest. There are no other months on the calendar like it nor any other months celebrated solely for another race.

Do not get me wrong, I am thankful Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and took the initiative to break the chains of segregation in the south.

When King was making a way for us to legally coexist with everyone, no matter race, ethnicity or culture, I do not think he expected us to get special treatment.