May 23rd morning newscast.

Election results were finalized after 1 am so my morning newscast was the first time the viewers would see the finalize results.

Weeks prior we scheduled live shots for a new attraction in the state, so my morning reporter was out of town.

There was spotty rain throughout Tuesday and around 2 am Wednesday, the rain really started to pour.

This was my first election and I learned so much, especially in the results gathering process.

Learned to run and enter data in the Newsticker.

Although the result came in late my newscast still needed to be ready by 4 am.

I really think I did a good job with the results and mixing up the newscast.

As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

This is a segment I produced for National Star Wars Day on May 4th.

As a Star Wars fan I was really excited about this day but my news staff are not fans so I found a way to make it fun for everyone.

I am really proud of this and I had a lot of fun.

As always, I welcome your critics and suggestions.