About Me


Media is everything.

Media is printed in papers and magazines; displayed digitally, online and shared through social media; it broadcasts on tv and radio. These mediums work interchangeably, and I am in the mix.

I am the media.

I build newscasts; I decide how you see the news; which visual aids will provide a clear understanding of what is going on. I use creativity to keep your attention. I write several stories in a day to keep you informed. My writing is concise and clear, so you receive the facts right away.

I am a producer

I interview sources to get you credible first-hand information, so you know what is happening in your community. I shoot video to give you visual context and perspective to what you are hearing and seeing in the media. I edit video footage and interviews to create a story that is both informative and accurate.

I am a multimedia journalist.

I protect your brand, create buzz about the good deeds you are doing. I provide facts where others may have misinformation.

I am a public relations representative.

I layout magazines and newspapers for print and digital media. I design graphics for social media. I create websites, like this one.

I am a media graphic designer.

I am a graduate of the University of Montevallo. My degree is in mass communication, with a concentration in multimedia journalism, and a minor in public relations.

I am Keyanna James.

The last semester of my senior year I spent six months working as a news producer at a tv news station in Columbus, GA.

I am seeing tv producer opportunities, but I am open to other experiences.